rememberance day

Yesterday was rememberance day. Lots of people wore a blood red poppy because it was the first thing to flower on the battlefeilds. It is to remember all the soldiers that fought in WWI and it was also the day that the war stopped. It is mostly about WWI but also to remember all the other brave soldiers that fought in wars all around the world.

debate at our school

Today at school we had a man come to our school and teach us all about the parliament. He taught us all about how parliament works. He taught us about parties, debates and heaps of other things. I enjoyed it because i learnt heaps about parliament and how it works.

problem solving.

In “Skills for life” we are doing problem solving. Today we had a choice of 8 situations and we have to come up with 3 solutions for that problem. Mine is when a friend tells one of your secrts.

Dear Ashlee,

One of my best friends at school has told one of my secrets. Im not sure what to do. I have come up with three solutions.

-Talk to another friend about it.

-Talk to them about it

-Have a fight with them.  

What should i do?


The past few weeks in skills 4 life we have been watching cars. Our new hook is friend ship and that is why we have been watching cars. We are watching it because lightning Mqueen Isnt very good with friends, He doesn’t have any friends apart from his trailer Mack. People only like him for what he is and not who he is. He is going to the big race “the piston cup” when his driver mack starts falling asleep then lightning falls out of the trailer and gets lost. He ends up in a town called Radiator spring. He rips up all the roads and he is made to fix it but if he doesnt get to radiator springs soon he will loose the race. while he is fixing the road he falls in love with a car called sally. When he finishes the road he goes the the pison cup but he doesnt win. He is about to win when one of his mates crashes and lightning Mcqueen forfits the race to help his friend, which he never would have done before.

dealing with anger

In S4L we have been doing an activity called dealing with anger. We answered a few questions about what made us laset angry, ehatmakes us angry, what do you do when you are angry and how did you deal with the last situation when you got angry. Here are mine.

The things thet make me angry are when inocent people get hurt,my friends getting hurt or picked on and people that hurt children and women.

when i get angry i usually punch somthing and i feel like crying.

The last time I got angry I punched stuff around my house and then i talked to theperson that made me angry and we worked it out.

recommeded blogs

Here are some of the blogs i recommend to visit.

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Alanna- Alannas blog has lots of interesting posts and lots of pets.

Marnii- Marniis blog is very interesting and it has an interesting post about cows.

anna- Annas blog is very interesting and has lots of interesting posts.

peer assesment

A few weeks ago our class got issued with LOTE (language other that English) homework. We had to get information, put it into our own words and then write about 4-5 lines for every festival. We had to do one festival for every month of the year. When we finished we had to put them out on our table and people from our class had to come around a mark our work. We got a score out of 10 and good and bad comments. I did all my twelve months and and included pictures and some Japanese writing. My scores were usually 6 or 9, a few of my good comments were good pictures, twelve months done and good information. Some of my bad comments were not enough Japanese writing and didn’t include a bibliography. Next time we get an assighnment I will take it home for homework as soon as I get it. My average score for my homework was 7.2. I think I would be in the top 15 of our class because when Iwas going around marking peoples work most people didn’t do 12 months.

parent teacher

Last night we had parent teacher at our school. My report was ok, but i need to improve in science and numeracy. All the comments in my report said i need to Concentrate and I get distracted easily. I just started to improve in literacy and in two days i have got two green forms. Green fors are an award for doing good work, helping others and or being positive. I am going to set myself some goals, and by the end of the year i have to achive them.